Why People Fail In Life

why people fail in life

Everyone wants to be successful in his life. Some people try very hard for this and some just flow with their destiny. Failure and success are depending on our effort in the right direction. Every successful person must fail in life and then learn from his mistakes. We just see their success but we never see their failure. Failure is the way to success, Just doesn’t give up. Failure is the best way to learn what I’m doing wrong? Where I’m going wrong? And how can I overcome these issues?

No one can destroy you, only you can. If we will not believe in our hardworking we will fail. If we think negatively about our effort we will lose again and again and then we will accept that “I’m looser”.

Here are some reasons to fail and how to fix them.

#1 – Low Self-Esteem:

Low self-esteem is caused by a lack of confidence. Even a person who is intelligent and talented can greatly work but afraid “what people will say”. He did not believe in his ability. He can’t understand “how much great he is” that’s the reason he sold his self so cheap. He will compare himself to others and start overthinking about his weaknesses; even he is good at something’s from others but He will just see weaknesses and feel low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem is just a mentality.  We can overcome this issue by practicing and building our character. Confidence is necessary for a successful person so start thinking positive and believe in yourself and say “I can do it and I’m better in this”.

#2 – Laziness And Idleness:

Wake up late and still lying on the bed after the sun rises on the mouth and delay in necessary and important work is symbols of laziness. Those kinds of people never think about bright future even they can be a creative mind. They can spend all day watching TV shows or gaming on the computer. They always satisfied they have lots of time for working on a career. 

Laziness is a mental state who stops us from doing activities and makes us feel reliable as we are. We can be overcome from laziness if we motivate our self and find a spark in over activities.

#3 – Fear Of Failure And Criticism:

Fear of failure is a common fear to demotivates people and threat on their confidence level. Continuously failures can bring sadness, frustration, broken, regrets and confusion. The most dangerous weapon is criticism; after failure, people attack us with criticism and it can break our confidence and stop us for the next try. Then we start worrying about people’s criticism and it can be a reason to do nothing.

For overcoming from fear of failure is to be with a positive mind and stop thinking about criticism and judging by society. Learn from your mistake and promise to yourself “I will fix it in next try”. You should learn from your mistakes and takes it positively.

#4 – Un-Educated And Un-Knowledgeable:

A person can be a degree holder but not educated. That’s mean who have not knowledge about their working field or life tragedies. That kind of person doesn’t want to learn things from mistakes and other sources. They have their blind belief and they apply them in their life, even sometimes they got heavy losses from these but they don’t want to change their beliefs. We are in the modern world and now we have huge sources for learning new things like blogs, books, and lectures. Every day humans are being better in thinking and doing work. We need to be serious with our lives and learn how to overcome our weaknesses

#5 – Suddenly Taken Decision Without Thinking:

Thinking is a very important action in our life. Some people just take decisions after listening to any friend’s opinion they never think about it, either it can be right or wrong for me. That kind of person flow with other people’s un-experience opinions and give the driving seat of their life in others hand. They compete with their lifestyle with others and do not think about their position.

The right decision is the most important thing in our life. Right decision on wrong time is also harmful to us. Take the right decision at the right time that’s important. Before taking any decision thinks about it, a step that I’ve taken is Beneficial for me or not. Never be overhasty during taken decisions.

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#6 – Lack Of Planning:

People, who did not plan things, got wrong results. Sometimes we forget some important work and then we lost them. Lack of planning to achieve a goal can put a negative impact. Planning of future for financial, social, and economic freedom is necessary for us to run in the right way.

At last but not least! Failure can be a painful experience but it’s our responsibility to prevail over this. Sometimes we reached so much closed to success but we give up. Always believe in hardworking. “Believe” itself a very powerful word, if your belief is strong and muscular then no one creates hindrance in success path. Every successful person has many unsuccessful years but they never give up. Someone has rightly said that:

“Failure is the Best Teacher to Learn you How to Stand-Up.”

Hamza Sheikh

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