What is Integrated Marketing Communication and How it Works?

What is Integrated Marketing Communication and How it Works

It is essential for every organization to promote their brand to the end-users. So they can beat their competitors and survive in this competitive world. One of the best ways to promotions is through integrated marketing communications. So in this article, we will discuss about integrated marketing communications.

Moreover, brand promotions increase the awareness of service or product. Due to which the company get more sales and generate more revenue.

So if you want to know how integrated marketing communication works then read this article till the end. Because in this article we will discuss what is integrated marketing communication, its components, and its tools.

What is Integrated Marketing Communication?

Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is a process under which company integrates and co-ordinates its various communication channels to give a clear and consistent message.

Moreover, it ensures the consistency of the message and the perfect use of the media. It is an integration of various marketing tools, resources and approaches. Due to which the company maximizes the impact on the consumer mind and earn maximum profit at minimum cost.

IMC use various innovative ways to ensure that the customer gets the right message at the right time and the right place.

Component of IMC

To understand how integrated marketing communication work we need to know its components. So here is a list of 5 components on which IMC depends.

1. Foundation

In this, there is a detailed analysis of both the target market and the product. Moreover, it is essential for every marketer to understand the end-users, brand and its offerings.

In this foundation, stage marketing team want to know the needs, attitude, and the expectation of the customers. They also keep an eye on the competitors to know what they are doing and what results they are getting.

2. Corporate Culture

All the features of the products and services need to be set in line with the work culture of the company. Because every company has a vision so it is necessary for the marketers to keep in mind the vision of the company before designing the products and services. 

3. Brand Focus

Almost all of the marketing team focuses on the brand establishment and there is a reason behind this. They focus on the brand establishment to represent the company identity.

So whenever a customer buys the product with the company brand they have a feeling of trust for that particular brand.

4. Customer Experience

Every marketer has to focus on customer experience. Because this will tell what a customer feels about the product. Moreover, most of the customers pick up a product which has good packaging and looks attractive.

So the product designed by the company and the marketing team must meet the customer expectations to get the best results.

5. Communication, Promotion and Integration Tools

Various tools like advertising, direct selling, social media, and some other ways are used to promote the brand. Moreover, these tools strengthen the relationship between customers and the brand.

Every company needs to regularly track customer feedback and reviews. So one of the best ways to do is by these tools. Moreover, it makes easy for the company to measure the effectiveness of their product and services. Below we have discussed these tools in detail. Because these tools are one of the most important components of IMC.

Integrated Marketing Communication Tools

There are 6 important tools of IMC and below we have discussed all these tools in detail.

1. Advertising

Advertising means any paid form of non-personal promotion of services and products with the help of an identified sponsor. There are various mediums through which we can do this like newspapers, television, radio, billboards and posters.

The main advantage of advertising is that it reaches the geographically dispersed customers. Moreover, most of the people believe that heavily advertised brand provide good value so they go with that product. However, this form of marketing is quite expensive.

2. Sales Promotion

It is short-term incentives that encourage the consumer to try a product or service. Moreover, it is mainly focused on consumers. So there is a distribution of free samples, coupons, and discounts on big purchases.

Through sales promotion companies can easily catch the attention of the people and offer them an invitation to buy their product or services.

3. Personal Selling

In this, there is a face to face interaction between a company employee and one or more buyers. The company employee delivers a presentation and answers the buyer’s questions.

Once all this process finishes the employee take the order from the buyers. Moreover, this is a very effective tool to generate a good amount of sales.

The main benefit of this tool is that the message can be customized according to the needs of the buyer and it develops a long term relationship with the buyers.

4. Public Relations

There are various programs that focus on improving the relations between the company and the public. In public relations, there is two-way communication.

Through public relations company can get feedback from the consumers and can easily modify their message to get the maximum profit.

5. Direct Marketing

It involves the use of mail, fax, e-mail, telephone, and internet to communicate directly with the customers. Many people started relying on online purchase. Due to which it becomes very easy for marketers to reach them and interpret them to buy a particular product or service.

Moreover, now companies have a huge database of consumers contact details. Due to which they send catalogues and other marketing material to make it easier for them to purchase online.

6. Social Media Marketing

In this, the marketer promotes the business with the help of social media. Moreover, this is a great way to get the massive attention of the customers.

Through social media, you can easily interact with your customers while they are just browsing there internet. Social media have the ability to take the business to the next level. Because as the internet world is growing most and people start using the internet due to which there is a high chance of conversions.

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