How to Sell Your Own Products on Amazon (Beginner Guideline)

Become an Amazon Seller | How to Sell on Amazon

Do you have a small business and you are curious to know how you can use Amazon to grow your business then you are in the right place. Because in this article we will discuss how to sell on Amazon Successfully.

Amazon provides you with an incredible opportunity to create a fully functional online business from your home or shop. Moreover, Amazon has 2.5 Billion monthly shoppers. So you can quickly generate more and more sales for your business.

Even right now if you don’t own any business but planning to begin with a startup, then also it is good to go with Amazon. Various entrepreneurs are using this opportunity and getting successful in their field.

In this article, we will discuss a step by step guide to selling the product on Amazon. This detailed guide consists of 4 steps that include everything you need to know about selling products on Amazon.

1. Create Amazon Seller Account

The very first thing you should do to become an Amazon seller is creating an Amazon seller account. In order to create this account, you need to select a seller plan and provide some information about your business.

Seller Plans

Three different seller plans are available. It is on you to choose which one is best for you. Below we have described these plans in detail.

  • Individual Seller: This plan is for small businesses that are planning to sell less than 40 items per month. This plan will cost you $0.99 per sale with some other transaction charges.
  • Professional Seller: This plan is for businesses that are planning to sell more than 40 items per month. There is a subscription fee of $39.99 per month for this plan. You also need to pay some transaction charges with each sale.
  • Amazon Vendor: If any business manufacture products themselves and send these products to Amazon as a wholesaler, then they can go with this plan. In this plan, Amazon will handle product listings, fulfilment, and shipping. Moreover, when they run out of stock, they will order more from you again.

However, certain products require approval from Amazon to sell. When these products are approved, you can sell these products only from Professional account. These products include specific software, laser pointers, and hoverboards. You can check a full list of these products here.

Moreover, Amazon prohibits some products like prescription drugs. You can check the list of these products here.

How to Create Amazon Seller Account

Once you select the plan, you need to set up your Amazon seller account. To complete your account setup, you need to provide all the following details.

  • Business Name
  • Your Legal Name and Address
  • Contact Information
  • Address from where the Products are shipped.
  • Bank Account Details
  • Shipping Options or the Country you are Targeting.

Setting Up Amazon Seller Profile

After creating your Amazon seller account, you need to set up your Amazon profile. Your profile is the social network profile for your business.

Through your profile, Amazon customers will get to know about your company, see reviews, and get to know about shipping and return policies.

You need to complete all the below sections to complete your Amazon seller profile

  • About Seller: In this section, you will introduce your business with the buyers. Here you can add the information that will help the buyer establish an emotional connection to you as a seller.
  • Seller Logo: The first thing buyer will see on your page is your logo. So your logo must be impressive. The size of the logo must be 120×30 pixels in size.
  • Return and Refund Policies: Here give the information on how customers can refund the item, what is the estimated time to process a refund and how much time you will take to ship the product.

When you provide all this information, you can access your Amazon seller dashboard. From here, you can list your product and start selling.

2. List Your Products

Once you successfully created your Amazon seller account, you need to move on the next step and start listing your products on Amazon.

If you choose an individual seller plan, then you can list one product at a time. But if you choose the professional seller plan, then you can list your product in large batches.

You can list the products in two categories. The first category is the product already available on Amazon and the second category is the product not available on Amazon. Below we have discussed both.

Product Already Present on Amazon

If you are listing the products that are already on Amazon, then you can use the stock image and description already present on site. You only need to tell how many of the products you have to sell, select your available shipping options, and describe the condition of the products.

When any seller offering the same products goes out of stock, then Amazon will show your listing to the top of then. Moreover, try to be different from other sellers while listing the same products. This will increase your chances to get more sales.

Product Not Present on Amazon

If you design a brand new product that is not yet listed on Amazon, then you will face very less competition to generate sales. But with less competition, you had to make some extra efforts too.

To list a product that is not already present on Amazon, you need to provide the following things.

  • UPC/EAN number
  • SKU number
  • Product Title and Description
  • Product Images
  • Search Terms

All the above things are necessary if you want to list any new product on Amazon, which is not already present on Amazon.

3. Managing Inventory

When you list your products, then you can use the Seller Central website to manage all aspects of your selling account. From here, you can check you get new orders or not, update your inventory, monitor your performance metrics, and some other things.

Moreover, properly managing the inventory is the biggest key for successfully selling on Amazon. There are a couple of tools that you can use to manage your inventory.

From here you can also sponsor your merchandise with ads for the targeted keywords. These ads will help you get more sales quickly if done in the correct way.

4. Fulfillment and Shipping the Products

When any customer places an order, then you had to deliver the product to them. Two types of fulfillment and shipping options are available you can choose any of the ones.

  • FBM (Fulfilment by Merchant): In this, you are responsible for managing inventory, packaging, labelling, and shipping products to the buyers.
  • FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon): In this Amazon, store your products in their fulfilment centres, and they’ll handle packaging and shipping products to the buyer. Moreover, the pricing for FBA can be as low as $2.41 per product for smaller items but can increase more than $100 for larger or oversize items.

You can choose any of the two depending on your need. FBM is suitable for small sellers who earn low margins on each product.

Moreover, FBA is useful for big sellers, and it provides a lot of other benefits. Below is a list of advantages you get if you use FBA.

  • Automatic Prime Eligibility
  • Free Super Saver Eligibility
  • A Single Inventory Pool
  • Win More Buy Box Listings 
  • Higher Product Rankings

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