How to Optimize Your Blog Structure to Boost SEO

How to Optimize Your Blog Structure to Boost SEO

Blogging for SEO is fairly a direct route of the increasing ranking of your website, blog, or business. When you publish your blogs regularly, you will get an opportunity to target several long-tail keywords. It will help to keep people on your blog or website for a long time. By getting more audience, you can seek a chance of linking your websites to others. In order to optimize your blog structure for SEO, you should take some vital steps by producing content and getting your blog up. Blogging is very good for SEO as it keeps your blog or website fresh and up-to-date.

Ways to optimize blog structure to boost SEO

There are several ways to optimize a blog in search engines. You can bring your blog or website on the first page to a greater number of audiences and increase Google ranking of your blog.

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Here are a few search engine optimization (SEO) tips to boost the ranking of your blog.

1. Keyword research

Keyword research is the first most step you should take for the development of blog structure for SEO. The audience is interested in which types of topics are figured out by SEO. You should have one or two primary keywords along with some affiliated secondary keywords. You should use these keywords in every blog but only at a relevant place to elaborate its natural sense. Never force your keywords at irrelevant places because the search engine will get frowned by stuffing keywords everywhere. You can find exact related keywords via Google by use of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI).

How to do blogs keyword research?

Here are some useful tips about doing keyword research for blogs.

  • Prefer long-tail keywords

Phrases of two or more words are usually competitive as it is hard to rank phrases. Thus, long-tail keywords, phrases, or questions are more valuable for the optimization of your blog structure. For instance, targeting a keyword like SEO is less compatible with the optimization of blog structure. Blog structure can be optimized for boosting SEO by using more specific and focused keywords like “small organization local SEO” rather than SEO.

  • Go for voice search

Optimization of blog content with voice search causes a positive impact as it is a novel development in SEO. Not all businesses are thinking about voice search. So, you should go for it to boost SEO.

2. Choose best post title for your blog

Search engines give proper attention to understand what type of page it is. Thus, choosing the best title allows communicating your content through the use of primary target keywords. Make sure to choose post title correctly to avoid the depletion in the number of clicks because a lack of clicks will cause more harm to SEO than by boosting it with the correct use of keywords.

3. Use keyword in blog URL

You can also boost SEO of your blog by putting primary keywords in the URL of your blog, page, or business. Involving keyword in URL is an important ranking factor as the URL demonstrates what the page is actually. You should customize your blog’s URL every time before publishing. A blog post like “best keywords research tools” should have a URL like

4. Optimize blog headings

Blog headings are another important feature in blog structure because headings are weighted by search engines in figuring out the type of page or blog. In this view, you have got an opportunity to use your keywords in the heading of the blog to optimize its structure. Secondary keywords are more useful to place in headings for optimization of blog formation.

5. Using relevant internal links

Links are considered as the most vital ranking factors for search engine algorithms. It’s challenging to link your websites with other blogs or businesses. But the greater number of relevant internal linking on your blog will cause more optimization of your blog structure and SEO will get boosted up. You should give a glance at your previously published relevant blogs while writing a new blog. If you find some already published blog posts relevant to the new one, add links of those in the new blog posts. For this purpose, you can use anchor text which relates targeted keyword with other posts. For establishing such links, click and give a read to it.

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6. Eye-catching image text

Search engines also give proper attention to the image texts. You can use your primary keyword for the name of the image i.e., keyword.jpg. The primary keyword can also be used in alt text. If you choose an eye-catching image related to your blog post, you can boost SEO of your blog.

7. Choose categories and tags strategically

Blogs assist you to create categories and tags for grouping of relevant posts together. Both tags and categories are beneficial navigational aids for people in order to browse your blog. In fact, these are strategic tools of SEO for the optimization of your blog structure. Every tag or category you created will bring a new blog or page having all the names of tags and categories in URL along with a number of related links and contents on that page. Hence, blog structure can be optimized in search engines by strategic use of tags and categories.

8. Meta description

Meta description is used to give information about your website or blog to search engines and readers. For instance, if you use long-tail words, Google, as well as your audience, will get a clear vision of your blog.


No doubt, blogging for SEO is pretty much challenging but you can boost search engine optimization of your blog by effective optimization strategies. According to a survey, only 41% bloggers have kept their content fresh and latest. So, you can boost the SEO of your blog by regular posting on your website. Regular blogging along with indulgence of links of relevant published content has been proven to be very effective in boosting your blog.

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