How to Create a Profitable Amazon Marketing Strategy for 2021

How to Create a Profitable Amazon Marketing Strategy for 2020

Creating a good marketing strategy for Amazon is not easy. Because more than hundred of products are added on Amazon daily. Due to which it becomes difficult for you to sell your products. So in this article, we will discuss how you can create a profitable Amazon marketing strategy

Moreover, there are various sellers on Amazon who are struggling to sell their products. So you need a full proof plan to overcome them and get success in your field.

This is a detailed and straightforward guide that will tell you how to create a profitable Amazon strategy. In this guide, you need to follow below five simple steps to create the best Amazon marketing strategy.

1. SEO Optimization Amazon

Most of the people usually start their product searches on Amazon; they do not directly go to Google. So now, Amazon is not only a giant marketplace, but it is also a search engine.

Due to which it is essential for you to create a solid marketing strategy that helps you to rank your products above the other product. So you get more and more sales through Amazon.

Amazon has its own algorithms, like Google, to discover the SEO score. Moreover, the higher the ranking of your product, the higher the chances of getting sales.

To do the SEO Optimization of Amazon, you need to consider all the below things.

  • Keyword Research

Most people skip this part, but it is a crucial thing that every Amazon Seller should include in their Amazon marketing strategy analysis.

You need to find out what will buyer type when they search for your product. By doing the keyword research, you get a list of keywords. Now you need to choose a primary keyword that has high volume with low competition. By doing this, your listing does not blend with other products.

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  • High-Quality Product Images

Once you get an excellent title for your customers to click on your product, then you need high-quality photos of your products to display and to improve the SEO score.

Make sure that all your images are of good quality and clearly showing all the details of the product. While taking photos of your product, keep these two things in your mind. The first photos should be of at least 1000 pixels wide, and the second the product photos must have a white background.

Moreover, you can also add videos of your product. Because the more information you provide to the people, the more likely you will get more sales.

  • Product Description

Product Description does not affect the SEO score, but it will help buyers to know whether they find the right product or not.

In the product description, apart from features of the product, also describe the benefits of this product. Try to add relevant keywords in your description but do not do keyword stuffing.

Moreover, while writing a description for your product, make sure you add bullet points in it. Because it can change your clicks to conversions.

2. Amazon PPC

Amazon allows its sellers to advertise their products straight from the Amazon platform. Furthermore, it is very similar to Google Ads. Advertisers will only pay when someone clicks on their Ad

It is on advertisers how they want to display their Ad. Advertiser can choose any of the below methods to display their Ads.

  • Display Ads: These ads show at the side or the bottom of the Amazon search results page. Sometimes it also shows on the side of the relevant product page.
  • Sponsored Ads: These ads shows on the first page of search results and increase the visibility of your product. These Ads generally have a high conversion rate.
  • Headline Search Ads: These ads allow you to bring your own branding to Amazon. In this, you can create your personal customized Ads.

3. Social Media and Email Marketing

One of the quickest ways to reach potential customers is by using social media platforms and email marketing.

  • Email Marketing

A great email marketing strategy can help you to build a loyal and good number of customers for your brand.

To create your email marketing strategy. Firstly you need a lot of emails that can generate sales for you. You can ask for your customer’s email while they are making a purchase or visiting or your website. It is on you how you will develop an email list that will give you conversions.

Moreover, through email, you can send your customers information about the new product or sales or anything which is important for your customers to know. All these things will build trust with the customer.

  • Social Media

Start creating your brand page on all social media platforms. This will help you to connect with your audience.

Millions of people use social media every day. When you upload content on all social media platforms, you will promote your product to the audience without giving them a notice that you are doing advertisements because it comes to their feed organically.

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4. Product List Optimization

When you research the keywords and get the images for your product, the next thing you should do is to the product listing optimization.

Here are things you should do while listing your products.

  • Include primary search keyword and brand name in the title.
  • Try to describe a unique selling point in the title.
  • Add relevant keyword and bullet points in the product description.
  • Try to add an infographic image that describes the benefits or features of your product.

Here are the things that you should not do while listing your products.

  • Do not use subjective adjectives in your title.
  • Do not include time-sensitive comments.
  • Avoid using the seller name or brand name as a search term.
  • Do not add shipping or promotional information to product descriptions.
  • Do not use misspelling as the search term.

5. Take Care of Customer Experience

Creating the best marketing strategy is not enough because, in the end, what matters is your customers. People remember what type of experience you gave them previously.

Once any person loses trust in any brand, it is challenging to rebuild that trust again. When any person leaves a negative review on your product, respond to them fastly with full sincerity and ask what problems they are facing.

Try to solve their issue. Because the reviews you get on Amazon are public. Due to which other people can also see that review and change their mind. So it is crucial for you to provide excellent services and quality products to your customers.

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