10 Best Email Marketing Services

email marketing services

Email marketing services play a key role in determining business success. If you want to promote your business, you should have complete knowledge of marketing tools along with the digital media for the promotion of your business. Nothing can be more appropriate than using email marketing for this purpose.

Many entrepreneurs are not aware of the importance of email marketing services. Email marketing services are of utmost essential for your promotion due to an easy automated process. You can use marketing services software to send customized emails to a target audience by a single click.

Here are best email marketing services.

1) ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is the best all-round email marketing service for promotion. This tool has email list segmentation, pre-configured visual email templates, and automated email marketing. It also works in collaboration with third-party apps.

ActiveCampaign has four plans, having monthly or annual cost depending upon the number of subscribers. This tool can accommodate 1000 subscribers to 5000 subscribers monthly at the cost of $9 to $359 under different packages.

2) Benchmark

One of the free email marketing services is Benchmark which was founded in 2004. There are a number of free editions along with paid on such services. The best email for marketing starts with the management of contacts because it provides various opportunities for adding and saving contacts.

Benchmark is providing more than 400 free templates of email marketing for blogs. Bloggers usually make use of such templates in blog writing. Furthermore, it has options for photo addition and editing, logos, and video editor. You can promote your blog on other social media sites.

You can have almost two thousand subscribers and access to sending 14,000 emails monthly in a free package. But you have to pay $13.99 for buying its premium package, having 600 subscribers. This marketing service is highly recommended for bloggers.

3) ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a great email marketing service for blog writing. This tool has marvelous features needed by content creators. You can make use of a segmentation list, landing page and opt-in form builders, pre-configured visual templates, analyze, and report by using ConvertKit services.

You can do automatic work from the Automation tab. The basic plan of this tool is free but it charges when the number of subscribers increases beyond the limit. It can support even more than 5,000 subscribers under the custom package.

4) SendInBlue

SendInBlue is the most brilliant email marketing tool for posting blogs and sending emails to your subscribers. The interface of this email marketing tool is easy to use and beautiful. It offers a potential drag and drop editor for email marketing along with auto-responding and automation of adding coupons.

This service is easy to combine with other platforms such as WordPress and Shopify. Bloggers can segment their readers and can link SMS marketing also through an email marketing campaign.

In the free package, you are allowed to do 90,000 emails monthly to unlimited contacts. Other packages are paid such as premium, essential, enterprise, and Lite.

5) AWeber

AWeber is the most popular email marketing service for blog writing. This tool was founded in 1980. AWeber is basically beneficial for small businesses like blogs. More than 1 million small businesses are customizing their services to enhance their business.

AWeber is not only helpful in the establishment of better public relations but also in the increments of sales as well. Integration with other websites and drop and drag editor strategy is also available. Moreover, bloggers can use pre-designed templates and tags for improving their marketing strategy.

This tool gives you free access for 30 days as a free trial. The cost of this software varies depending upon the number of subscribers. If your blog has 500 subscribers, you can buy it in $19 monthly.

6) Drip

Drip is an email marketing service mostly used by beginners. The key features of this email marketing tool are designed for website owners who sell products. It can assist you in the creation of sequenced emails created to push leads down the sales funnel.

Ad retargeting to the Facebook custom audience is done in integration with third-party apps. It provides the same features in all packages. The only difference in cost is due to a change in the number of subscribers.

7) MailChimp

MailChimp is the email marketing service that is widely known for its playful and iconic designs. This email marketing service is considered one of the best email marketing tool for the western market due to its versatility.

MailChimp tool is popular because of the limit of high subscribers in the free package along with list management and reporting tools. Bloggers can use it in integration with social media to engage more subscribers.

Under MailChimp’s free plan, you can have up to 2,000 subscribers along with 12,000 emails monthly. Its price is cheaper as it charges only $15 when the number of subscribers exceeds beyond the limit.

8) SendPulse

SendPulse is one of the latest email marketing tool. This tool makes use of Artificial Intelligence to maximize monetization by blog promotion. Its AI system understands user behavior and can maximize email open rate automatically.

SendPulse has an integrated campaign strategy of 3-in-1 as it is responsible for managing Email Campaigns, Web Push, and SMS.

Free services of this marketing tool are viable until 2500 subscribers. Paid package of SendPulse initiates at $9.85 for 2500 subscribers. So, you can choose an affordable plan for the new age of online marketing.

9) Keap

Keap is a email marketing tool with a unique approach as it manages your blog writing services in a pipeline. It has special CRM tools, scan business cards along with an iOS app, built-in analytics, and split testing tools.

This tool can manage 500 contacts in $79 per month under the Keap Grow plan. All-in-one services are provided at a monthly $149 in the Keap Pro package. In addition to this, advanced reporting is also supported in the Infusiosoft plan at $199 per month.

10) MailJet

MailJet is considered as a single service for sending all kinds of emails. Whether you are a blogger or internet marketer, this email marketing service will assist you in designing email for marketing using drag and drop editor.

You can also have a preview of emails based on HTML. Thus, this tool seems to provide you all in one offer as it can deliver both marketing emails as well as transactional emails.

MailJet allowed email marketing with unlimited contacts under its free package. You can send 200 emails daily. There are four packages of this marketing service. Bloggers can send up to 6,000 emails monthly.

Its basic package costs at $8.04 per month while the cost of a premium package is approximately $12.92 monthly. There is another plan specially designed for a customized solution for senders, which is named as Enterprise package.


marketing tools are vital for earning through blogging. There are hundreds of marketing services, out of which some are paid and some are free. These ten marketing tools are best for blog writing. But which one of these to choose is dependent on the usage of bloggers and Return on Investment (ROI). Bloggers are recommended to use these tools for the promotion of their businesses.


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