Biggest common SEO mistakes damaging websites in 2021

Biggest Common SEO mistakes damaging websites common SEO mistakes common Search engine optimization mistakes seo fault bad seo

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of promotion of online business. Every blogger is trying to optimize his website on the top of SERPs to keep its ranking high.

But in doing so, some technical site issues come across which hinders the website’s progress. Even if bloggers are facing some technical issues on their website, they try to keep it up to pace with the ever-changing world of SEO. in that manner they did some common SEO mistakes which destroy their whole blogging career.

You should try to fight and overcome these SEO technical issues to a minimum for maintenance of the progress of the website without using any black hat SEO techniques. These technical issues damage the SEO of your website.

Here are some tips about avoiding the biggest SEO damaging websites.

Http status of the website

The most common SEO mistake is to used issue HTTP status of a website. Http status includes codes such as Error 404 (demonstrating that searched page is not found) that elaborate response of server on the request of the client.

Whenever the connection between client and server gets interrupted, it can cause severe damaging issues that will not only loss your traffic but will also damage your Google ranking due to inaccessible content.

How https status of the website is affected?

Https status of the website is affected due to some errors which lead to the damaging SEO of the website. Some such errors are

  • 4xx error is an error of https in which the page is broken and cannot be assessed by users.
  • No crawling of pages is an error that can be either due to the greater response time of your website or due to denying of server on the assessment of page.
  • Broken internal and external links can cause damage to SEO due to the non-functioning of a page. It can also lead clients to pages that are non-existing on any other website and will send a negative response to the search engine.

Some other issues can also cause damaging of SEO due to https status including broken images, temporary, and permanent redirects.

Less optimized Meta Tags

Meta tags assist search engines in identifying the niche of your page to connect it with mostly used relevant keywords, phrases, and questions asked by searchers.

The creation of a suitable tag to the title in a way is choosing relevant keywords from a trustworthy link in SERPs (search engine result pages) for users.

Meta descriptions are unique. If a blogger doesn’t create his meta tags, Google will generate meta tags of his website automatically. Optimized meta tags include relevant appropriate keywords that should be used in suitable length to avoid duplication.

There are some websites that don’t create a unique tag for every product. Less optimized meta descriptions have fewer chances to come on the top of SERPs rather than fully optimized descriptions.

During meta-tagging, some mistakes occur which leads to damaging ranking of your website. These mistakes are

  • Duplication of meta description and tags cause difficulty in determining the relevancy for search engine which will, in turn, lowers your website’s ranking. Duplication of H1 tags and title tags will over-optimized your website and the search engine can miss some keywords. This will damage the SEO of the website.
  • Missing tags will also affect the SEO ranking of a website. If H1 tags are missing, the search engine cannot analyze the niche of your website. In the case of missing meta descriptions, click-through rates of users fall.
  • Missing ALT attributes fail to provide a visual description of your content including images. Your website will fail in engagement with others due to missing attributes.

Duplicate Content

The creation of duplicate content can also damage the ranking of your website. You should not duplicate your content from any other website. You should avoid all kinds of duplicate descriptions including contents, tags, and links.

A website having unique content is only reliable according to Google. So, a website having duplicate content will not come on SERPs due to its poor ranking. The most common issue of duplication of content is The Site Audit Tool Flags that occurs when some pages have a similar URL to your website.

Poor external and internal linking optimization

Internal and external linking of a website also affects its ranking. Google doesn’t rank those websites having less experience. Most of the sites are not optimized well. For instance, when there is HTTP instead of HTTPs, this will decrease the ranking of the site and will affect search engine optimization of your website.

When you come across a broken link while using The Site Audit Tool, this poor linking will lower the engagement level of your website and lower its ranking. There are two most common linking issues that directly affect the ranking of your website.

  • Underscore containing URLs are usually misinterpreted by Google. This misinterpretation will approach your document’s site index incorrectly.
  • Links leading to Http pages are unsafe and will cause damage to the SEO of your website.

Poor loading performance

The loading time of the page is very crucial in the ranking of your website. The slow website will decrease traffic on your website and will affect Google ranking. This poor loading of pages damages the SEO ranking of your website. Some most common loading issues of website are

  • Slow page load speed (HTML) takes less time to perform the complete process by the browser and this poor speed directly lowers the ranking of your website.
  • Uncached and unminified JavaScript and CSS files cause an unspecified response header. Remove extra comments, descriptions, files to increase the loading time of the page.

It depicts that poor speed, less optimization, duplication can cause severe damages to the website. You should take some preventive measures while operating your page and website. These poor features can damage the SEO of your website. This damage can be removed by improving the speed of the website. In order to keep Google search engine ranking up-to-date, you should avoid the biggest SEO mistakes which lower the ranking of the website.

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