9 Ways to Super Charge Your Morning Routine

9 Ways to Super Charge Your Morning Routine

Morning is a crucial time of the day. Because the time you spend in the morning will decide how your whole day will go. So in this article, we will discuss how you can supercharge your morning routine.

Moreover, developing a great morning routine will help you to enhance your productivity. So if you still don’t have a good morning routine then it is high time when you should think about it.

Here are the 9 ways through which you can supercharge your morning routine.

1. Never Hit Snooze on Your Alarm

Whenever you press the snooze button on your alarm, again and again, your body will go in and out of sleep. Through this, you get a disruptive sleep which is not good for your body and mind. Because this will make you feel dizzier.

Moreover, always set your alarm sound new and exciting. So whenever you listen to this sound you will feel energetic and wake up with full energy.

2. Drink Water

Drinking water is a very important thing. So you should charge up your day with a big glass of water. Drinking water will not only fuel your brain it will also nourish your soul and clean your body.

However, if your body won’t have enough water then it can cause dehydration. So you should drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated. Moreover, drinking water also helps to lubricate and cushion joints.

3. Wash Your Face As Soon As You Wake Up

When you wash your face the water will rejuvenate and tickle your pulse to be active. Moreover, it will help you to calm down your stress of the previous day.

So if you overlooked yourself with so many thoughts or you have a hangover from past then washing face will cool down you and activate your adrenaline for the day.

4. Stop Using Phone

When you wake up you directly go to your phone to check your social media. If you do this then you should stop doing this now because it is a very wrong thing.

Because involving technology in your morning routine will influence you in a negative way. So instead of using a phone give yourself a time to prepare for the day.

You should understand that everything can wait. So create space for your clear mind and start your day without using the phone.

5. Do Meditation

Allow your mind to be in the present. So it can rise into the space of self-control and self-awareness. Always give yourself 5 to 10 minutes in the morning to breathe and center your day.

Moreover, your breath is the thing that will always be in the present moment. So whenever you wake up make sure your present moment is calm, beautiful and full of love.

6. Do Muscle Massage and Intake Protein

Your morning routine must include a workout, a quick sauna, or a massager on muscle. Because it will help you to recover faster and improve flexibility.

Moreover, with the physical exercise, you should also intake the food which contains a good amount of protein. Because it will keep you full and give you the energy you need to accomplish all your tasks.

So start eating a healthy breakfast and understand what food gives you energy and make you feel good. Moreover, food is fuel for your body. So try to eat food that provides nutritious value to your body.

7. Spread Gratitude

Think about the three things that are grateful for you and write them down. These things could be anything like cleaning your home or doing cycling.

Moreover, when you remember about the grateful things and make note of them then these things will connect with your gratitude and instantly put you in the space of love.

Focusing on gratitude will also raise your vibration and improve your mood.

8. Understand the Power of Intentions

Set clear intentions for the day and use this intention to focus on what you desire and the step you take to complete your desire.

With the power of intention creates a direction in your life and allow your intention to guide you throughout the day. Moreover, claim your intention and give it a purpose to put it into the universe.

9. Prioritize You

You must decide your schedule for the day. You should know at what time you need to do what work. Moreover, give yourself sometime in the morning to plan your routine will increase the efficiency of doing work.

While creating a plan for routine always remember that your routine must be stress-free and enjoyable. However, the same routine will not work for your whole life. So it is essential to change your routine according to the needs.

Moreover, you need to understand that there are 24 hours in the day so be kind to yourself and prioritize your day accordingly.

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