6 Ways to Get Free Publicity and Media Mentions for Your Business

6 Ways to Get Free Publicity and Media Mentions for Your Business

Every business owner always finds ways to publicize their company for free. So in this article, we will discuss how you can get free publicity and media mention for your business.

Moreover, getting the media mention will add extra luster to your brand and build credibility. Apart from this, the media mention will help you to attract more customers.

So if you are searching for ways to get free publicity then you can try the six simple ways given below. Furthermore, the tactics we discuss in this article will also help you to stay above all your competitors.

1. Be an Expert Source

If you are an expert source of something then you can help a journalist by showcasing your knowledge and insights into the particular field and during this, you can also get a mention for your company.

Moreover, being a source will increase awareness about you and your company. So always define what expertise you have whether it is real estate development, debt relief or entrepreneurship. Try contacting the journalists who write about these topics so you can provide them useful information and in return get a free mention for your company.

2. Write an Article

Writing an article or blog is a great way for anyone to demonstrate their expertise. But while writing an article make sure that the topic you choose must be related to industries trend.

In the article, you can share a how-to approach or discuss an idea of solving a problem. Moreover, make sure that you deliver information that will help your audience. 

You can also clarify a major misconception through your article. While writing an article make sure your article is informative, factual, and relevant to your audience. Also, include some relevant photos and statistics in article to make it more authentic.

3. Get Your Company Featured

Every business whether it is small or big always find ways to stand above the competition. So what makes any company different a unique aspect of service, the story of the company, or a novel product.

This is the reason why most of the entrepreneurs have a great story to tell. Even local and online news publishers publish these stories due to which they get free publicity just by telling their story.

Moreover, if you have a unique way of delivering a service or then also the media will cover it. So always create something interesting that can catch the eyes of the media on your business.

4. Offer Prizes in Competitions

Provide goods/services to the media so they can give them to their reader/listener as prizes. Most of the radio stations and newspapers are always need items to award their audiences.

So if you can provide some of these items then in return you can easily get a mention in radios and newspapers. Moreover, this form of marketing is free. All you had to spend some money on buying gifts.

5. Use Social Media

Make your presence on all social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Because social media have enough potential to make anything popular.

Moreover, social media is a good way to build relationships with your customer and indirectly send them a message to do your publicity.

6. Use Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is very much popular these days and you can also use this strategy in your business. All you had to do is create content that is sharable.

Because the more likely your content to share the chances of getting the content to be viral will increase. There is no secret to do viral marketing. All you need to do is create content that is interesting and funny so it can easily catch the eyes of the audience.


The need for positive exposure is increasing because every company wants publicity. Moreover, by adding little creativity and effort in the above tactic you can easily manage to earn positive media coverage and increase your brand visibility among your targeted audience.

So if you don’t have enough time and money then the above methods are best for you. Moreover, if you follow the above ways then you can also become an expert in the public eye. Through which you can improve sales, support business development, and ensure long-term success.

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