10 popular topics that will make more money in 2021

10 popular topics that will make more money in 2020

Everyone is searching out the ways of online earning in this pandemic situation due to loss in the economy. People are facing some financial issues and are trying to monetize online.

How to make money is the question asked by people of all categories.

Blogging is known as one of the trendy means of online earning. Even bloggers are looking for topics to maximize their earning by less effort because blogging for fun is a different scenario than blogging for monetization.

Blogging takes a long time to reach its peak for monetization. You should attract a large number of targeted audiences to generate traffic for earning. For this, you should work on those topics desired by your blog readers.

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Here are ten popular topics for blog that will make more money

Finance and Investment

Finance and investment is ever-evolving field due to hundreds of unexplored means of earning. You can attract a number of audiences on investment schemes, personal finance, forex, crypto currencies and stock exchange market.

Frugal living is a highly researched topic by readers nowadays. You can assist people in managing finance by sharing saving strategies and ways of earning more money.

Blog based upon currencies of different countries and their exchange policy is of vital importance. You can share insurance and saving policies as many people look for such policies for making their future bright.

People often search for finance management strategies and family budget management tips. You can maximize your earning by posting these popular topics.

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness field has been diversified due to the internet. Some people try to look for anti-aging procedures, diet strategies and work out schemes to remain fit.

This niche has massive traffic. So, it’s beneficial for maximum online earning. You can share information on strength training, medical facilities, and psychological preparation.

Moreover, you can attract your audience by sharing precautions and preventions of diseases on your blog.

Fashion and Beauty

Fashion and beauty blog is a huge step of earning as this topic needs to be updated weekly. This is the topic which will never go out of trend. This niche is highly profitable if you are looking forward to starting your personal blog.

People love to make their personality charming and never feel reluctant to spend money. They often search from the internet about the latest style and fashion.

Not only you can cover clothes and shoes but also perfumes, cosmetics, and other accessories. In fact, you can categorize your topic into subtopics of cosmetics, perfumes, fashion trends, etc. This categorization would furnish your niche and assist you in attracting more audiences for making more money.


The most exciting topic of online earning through a blog is traveling as it is a fantasy for many people nowadays. This niche is perfect for you if you love to travel and curious about new experiences.

Traveling is a relaxing tenure for people as they stay busy in their workload, hassles, and stress. People often search for the best travel destinations and travel tips. You can target this audience by the storytelling of your tours and the unrevealed beauty of peak destinations. You should engage guest writers for sharing their travel experiences as it will assist you in maximum monetization.

Personal development

There is a misconception about this niche as an underestimated blog. But people are looking for self-grooming and development in this competitive world.

Being a blogger of personal development, you can share tips of public speaking, leadership, and professional development to assist your readers in their personal development. You can earn a high profit by targeting a specific audience.

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Education and learning

E-learning is the most demanding educational trend. Students are often interested in doing online courses to increase their skills and knowledge. Bloggers are teaching many things even from sewing to coding. So, you can teach anything.

You just need to start a blog, gather traffic, and create a short course of your expertise to sell to your audience. Bloggers are making a lot of money by this niche.


Food is another extensive topic for online earning via a blog. You can share different food recipes, reviews about the taste of food of different restaurants, and hacks and tips for cooking delicious food.

You can establish a positive relationship with your audience by sharing appropriate feedback.

Fun and entertainment

In the daily busy routine of people, fun and entertainment are necessary for  relaxation of their nerves. You should choose this topic for money-making if you have an insatiable passion for entertainment like movies and music.

Share your views on different musical instruments and movies to attract your audience. People usually check out reviews of a movie before watching it. So, the right opinion can help you in gathering a loyal audience.


Technology is the most developing topic of all time. Researchers are striving to improve previous technology and launch a new one by removing the flaws of previous ones. People want to receive daily updates of launches and amendments in technology.

Technology is considered as the hottest topic for maximum earning. Due to its vast development, this topic has been transformed into a facet of professionalism. It is often suggested to start a technical blog for more online earning if you are passionate about exploring the latest gadgets and technology.

The major benefit of choosing this topic is the excess of content. You would never experience a lack of content on this topic. You can post the latest news and updates about mobile, gaming, devices, applications, operating systems, windows, and many more to target your audience for traffic generation on the blog to make more money.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the most gravitating profession of modern times. A number of job opportunities have been created in this field. As technology advances, digital space grows rapidly. This growth has made digital marketing blogs as highly demanded blogs.

This field has reached its present potential by the gradual growth of years.  Many people are struggling to rely on digital marketing of their business instead of traditional marketing expertise.

Digital marketing strategies will benefit you in making your business infinite as it consists of marketing through websites, social media, search engines, and mobile applications.

The creation of a digital marketing blog will not only assist you in online earning but also enhance your knowledge about developing business strategies and market analysis.

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Thus, there is no need to get worried about online earning. You can make a huge amount of money from these niche for blog. You can run a successful blog by starting your journey with anyone of the mentioned niche that connects you deeply. In short, you can monetize a huge amount through blogging on any of these topics for blog post.

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