How to Write SEO Friendly Content | Step By Step Guide

How to Write SEO Friendly Content | Step By Step Guide

Hello, Readers Today, I will guide you on How to Write SEO Friendly Content. Nowadays, everyone wants to be rank on the first page of Google, but it is not easy to rank on the first page. So to rank on the first page, you need SEO Optimized content.

Before understanding how to write SEO friendly content, firstly, we should understand what SEO friendly content is. SEO friendly content is not only the content that ranks on the first page of Google.

SEO friendly content is that which is optimized for both the search engine and for the users who are visiting on your site.

If you make content that is SEO optimized but not user-friendly, then it is sure that you will rank on Google, but I will guarantee you that you will lose that ranking permanently after a few days. In the worst case, your site can also be permanently blocked by Google.

Writing an SEO Optimized Content always requires some special skill that I am going to discuss in this article.

So if you want organic traffic on your site and finding ways to rank your content through SEO techniques, then read this article till the end.

1. Find Best Keyword

The first step you should do before writing content is to do research. Find more and more keywords on which you write content related to your niche.

Finding a keyword is an essential step in writing any blog. Try to find a keyword that has a good volume and low competition.

It might be challenging to find these keywords, but if you put your efforts, you can surely find those keywords. Moreover, always try to find long-tail keywords as long-tail keywords are easily rank on Google.

You can take the help of the Uber Suggest free tool by Neil Patel to find keywords for your blog.

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2. Do a Research

After selecting your focus keyword, the second step you should do is to research that topic before writing content on that.

See how your competitors are ranking on these keywords what techniques they are using in which style they are writing the content.

Always get the proper knowledge of the content on which you are writing. So you can write the best and long article for your site.

If your article is enough long and all the useful information is provided in it that other sites are missing, then it is sure that you will easily beat your competitor’s website.

3. Structure your Content

Always remember that the content is king. Represent your content in a structured manner so it will be more user-friendly. Moreover, structure content easily ranks on Google.

Remember the below things while structuring the content

SEO friendly Title

The title is the first thing that the user sees when your site appears in the search result. Always try to use a catchy title in your post, but make sure that the title is related to your keyword.

Title affects very much on ranking. For example, you have searched for how to make videos on YouTube, and you got two results. The first one has a title How to make a video on YouTube, and the second one has the title step by step guide to making a video on YouTube, then on which one will you click first.

I am sure that most of us will click on the 2nd article because the title he used is catchier as compare to the first one.  Even if the content on the 2nd article is not much good, then also we will go on that one because of its catchy title.

So I hope now you guys get to know how important these titles are. Not only titles are important the subtitles you use are also important. So take care of subtitles too.


Headings are very important in formatting any blog. If you want to rank on Google, then you must use them very efficiently.

Use H1, H2, H3, and all other headings very carefully, so your post looks nice to the readers. Use H1 heading only once in the title and then use H2 headings. If you want a subpart in an H2 heading, then use the H3 heading.

Introduction, Body, and Conclusion of content

Always give a brief introduction about your topic at the starting of the article so the readers and Google will know on which topic your content is based.

After giving a brief introduction, write your main content. Make it as big as you can, but do not write stuff that is not related to the article. Write the thing only that is useful for the readers.

In the end, always give a conclusion as it leaves a good impact on the readers and Google. If you follow these basic steps, then it is sure that you will rank on Google.

4. Meta Description and Permalink

Meta description and permalink are the other two factors that affect your ranking on Google. So what is Meta description and permalink?

A Meta description is the description that is shown below the title in the Google search result. It is crucial, according to Google search algorithms.

Try to make a short and catchy Meta description in which your focus keyword is present.

Permalink is the link of your blog post shown in the search bar. It is also the essential factor that affects the ranking. Always try to make a short permalink. Remove the extra words from permalink.

5. Image SEO

Don’t just upload the image in any post without doing its SEO. Yes, you got it right. Firstly do the proper SEO of the image before uploading it in your article.

Firstly do not upload copyright images on your blog as copyright content never ranks on Google. If you have an image that is your own or copyright-free, then change the name of an image with the name of your focus keyword.

After changing the name, use the proper alt tags in the image. Alt tags are the keyword that is related to your article. 

In the end, put a description for your image here you can also copy-paste your Meta description if it clearly describes the purpose of the image.

Alt tags and image description is an essential factor for ranking on Google first page.

6. Do Internal Linking

Many people think that internal linking has no effect on ranking, but in actual, it is not valid. Internal linking causes a very significant impact on ranking.

Always try to internal link your other post with the new posts. But remember only link related posts. If you link a post that is different from the article you are writing, then it will not have a much good impact on SEO.

In the end, I will only say that remember the content is king if you have great content, then it will 100% ranks on Google.

I hope guys this article is helpful for you. If you guys find this article worth reading, then don’t forget to share this with your friends

Thank You!!!

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